Vacanze in Sardegna, trascorri le tue vacanze estive nell’isola di Sant’Antioco


It’s time to plan your Holidays in the                      south west of Sardinia                     



Portixeddu Beach, Sant'Antico island

A beautiful paradise in the South West of Sardinia

Portixeddu (which means little harbour) is a 400 meters long bay, the beach has both send and pebbles but luckily the seabed is covered by soft and fine sand.
Portixeddu is for those who want to relax and enjoy the sea. The peculiarity that everyone loves to photograph and explore is undoubtedly the staircase carved into the rock of a house with the exclusive access to the beach
A few steps, or "a few strokes" from the beach of portixeddu, you can visit the beach of Portixeddu Accuau (which means hidden harbour, because of its position according to the main beach, Portixeddu) in which to observe the ruins of an ancient pier now submerged by crystalline waters.

Curiosity: you might hear about Portixeddu Accuau without knowing it! In fact, this bay also has another name made up by the inhabitants of Sant'Antioco: "Le Vasche" (The Tanks). The reason is simple: the ruins of the old pier have become a refuge for the fishes living in our sea. What better opportunity to wear a mask to snorkel and swim with them?