About us

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We are Guendalina and Raimo, Italian and Estonian living in the beautiful island of Sant’Antioco, in the south west of Sardinia. After travelling around the world, for a total of 26 Countries, we decided to move to Guendi’s home town and start something that was never done before.


We started our tourism project for all those Countries that did not know this place before, from North of Europe to Australia. We know what our guests are looking for and that’s why we have selected only the best HOUSES, the best FOOD, the best LOCAL LIFE activities and of course the best LOCATIONS. We have lived and traveled in the places we are offering these type of services to and we have also developed some skills that are necessary to work with our guests:

  • Fast and efficient communication - Italians tend to be a bit slow, so we are here to make the engine move faster!)

  • Problem solving - With our 24h assistance we make sure that every problem that might come up is solved immediately

  • Last minute planning - Because sticking to a plan does not always mean that it will work well. We are ready to change everything according to your needs and preferences.

What does it mean to live the mediterranean experience?

SUN, SEA, SEAFOOD…and wine!

*Do we need to add anything else?

Let's plan your holiday in the South West of Sardinia and let's make it unforgettable. Info and bookings via phone or email.

Phone +39 392 041 2706

WhatsApp +39 392 041 2706

E-mail infosantantioco@gmail.com