Vacanze in Sardegna, trascorri le tue vacanze estive nell’isola di Sant’Antioco


It’s time to plan your Holidays in the                      south west of Sardinia                     

Vegan Cooking Class in Sardinia

Vegan Cooking Class in Sardinia

Combine your love for food with our fresh ingredients

Cooking is your passion or you just want to spend quality time with a good company and the scents of our fresh ingredients? The vegan cooking class is not just a cooking lesson, it's a real full immersion in Sardinian culinary culture revisited in a vegan key that will make you rediscover the goodness of genuine recipes and respect for food.


VEG Laboratory complete with the sweet or themed appetizer 4 hours about 45 €

VEG Laboratory reduced -2 preparations-2 hours approximately 25 €

Laboratory VEG out of the house 50 €

Dinner VEG Home Restaurant 35 €

Dinner VEG out of the house 45 €

Learn culinary art with Patrizia Laboratory, The Vegan Affair cook

"Curiosity always leads me to look for new ingredients, new recipes and new flavors, I love fresh and colorful dishes, so I follow the seasons and colors that always give me great inspiration."

There are so many recipes to learn, experiment, taste and take home. It will be a relaxing and joyful moment, but above all sharing because the food, from us, is this!

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Combine your passion for vegan food at yoga practice! Click HERE to find out more

Cooking with mamma -Home restaurant Sardinia-

Cooking with mamma -Home restaurant Sardinia-

Yoga session in Sardinia

Yoga session in Sardinia