Vacanze in Sardegna, trascorri le tue vacanze estive nell’isola di Sant’Antioco


It’s time to plan your Holidays in the                      south west of Sardinia                     

Cooking with mamma -Home restaurant Sardinia-

Cooking with mamma -Home restaurant Sardinia-

First you make it then you eat it

Learn how to cook with our mamma Roberta! All the Italian and Sardinian typical plates with a special ingredient: mamma Roberta’s spirit.

She is a real Italian mother with big sense of humor and a taste for good food.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money for your meals, if you know how to put together the right ingredients. In fact for a good pasta you only need garlic and oil!

To let you understand better what this activity is about, look at Katrin’s experience. She is an Estonian woman who came to Sardinia (and never left, in fact she is living here now!) and decided to try our “Cooking with mamma”. After she prepared the traditional “maloreddus” (the Sardinian name for gnocchetti), we ate them all together like a real family.

What is the point on travelling to other countries if you don’t experience the local life?

Wouldn’t you like to make THIS?

  1. It looks amazing

  2. You can only learn it from a professional

  3. It is a traditional Sardinian speciality

  4. Mamma Roberta will tell you all her secrets to make it perfect

  5. After you make it, you eat it! With our family!

Katrin had an amazing time here and we took her to the country side of Sant’Antioco to pick fresh veggies. She was so happy about her Sant’Antioco Experience that she wrote the most amazing review:

I only have to add a bunch of positive emotions. Wonderful Reception and all the time spent together. During the week, I saw a lot of wonderful places, old historical smell, narrow streets and mysterious places of Sant ' Antioco City and its surroundings, museums, and much-much more. I got part of the real sardinia feeling... from the cooking to the eating part, I picked up eggplants, tomatoes and watermelons from the country side, I had amazing pasta, wine and aperitifs. Children are always smiling here. Guendalina is so energetic and Raimo is peaceful, they are the perfect combo. I loved everything; the food, the warm smooth water, the sun - its rise, the shining and the sunset. Even during rainy days, it was so warm and beautiful. Last but not least, I loved having siesta like real Italians... 😀


Meal preparation and lunch/dinner together: 30,00€ per person

To ask for more info or book your Cooking with mamma, click HERE

Local Chef At Your Service -Sardinia-

Local Chef At Your Service -Sardinia-

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